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CASIO Tough Solar Wrist Watch DB-E30

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  • Brand: Casio
  • Model No.: DB-E30
  • Power Source: Tough Solar
  • Backlight: Full Auto EL Backlight
  • Solar Power: Yes, with original solar cell
  • Battery Level Indicator: Yes
  • Power Saving Function: Yes
  • Telememo: Yes, with 30 data records for names and telephone numbers
  • Data Record Capacity: Each record can contain up to 8 characters of text and up to 12 numbers
  • World Time: Yes, displays the current time in major cities
  • Day Counter: Yes
  • Stopwatch: Yes, with a 1/100 – 24HR measurement capability
  • Timer: Yes, with a 1/1 min. – 24-hour range
  • Multi Alarm: Yes, with 5 alarms
  • Snooze Alarm: Yes, with a snooze option
  • Functionality: Fully Functional
  • Condition: 9/10
  • COD: No

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Introducing The Casio Model No. DB-E30 watch:

The Casio Model No. DB-E30 watch is powered by a Tough Solar power source, which means it can be charged by both natural and artificial light. It also features a full auto EL backlight, providing easy visibility in low-light conditions.

The watch utilizes solar power with its original solar cell, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source.

The battery level indicator allows you to easily monitor the remaining power of the watch.

With a power-saving function, the watch optimizes its energy usage to prolong battery life.

The watch includes a telememo feature, which allows you to store and access up to 30 data records for names and telephone numbers. Each data record can contain up to 8 characters of text and up to 12 numbers.

It also offers world time functionality, displaying the current time in major cities around the world.

The day counter feature helps you keep track of the number of days that have passed since a specific date.

The watch includes a stopwatch function with a measurement capability of 1/100 – 24HR, allowing you to accurately measure elapsed time.

A timer is also available, with a range of 1/1 min. – 24 hours, enabling you to set countdowns for various activities.

The watch features 5 multi alarms, allowing you to set multiple alarms for different purposes. It also includes a snooze alarm option for added convenience.

The Casio Model No. DB-E30 watch is fully functional, ensuring that all its features and functions work properly.

Its condition is rated 9/10, indicating that it is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear or flaws.

Please note that the watch does not support COD (Cash on Delivery) as a payment option.

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