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Citizen Printed Glass Wrist Watch 71-2957

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  • Brand: Citizen
  • Model No.: 71-2957
  • Glass Type: Printed Glass
  • Movement: Automatic and Hand-winding
  • Jewels: 21 Jewels
  • Origin: Fully Original Japanese
  • Dimensions: Approximately 34mm x 38mm

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Introducing the Citizen Printed Glass Watch

The Citizen Model No. 71-2957 watch features a printed glass, providing a clear and durable surface for the dial.

The watch is powered by an automatic and hand-winding movement, allowing for accurate timekeeping and the convenience of manual winding if needed.

With 21 jewels, the movement is designed to reduce friction and enhance the watch’s performance and longevity.

This particular model is fully original Japanese, showcasing the craftsmanship and reliability for which Japanese watches are renowned.

The dimensions of the watch are approximately 34mm x 38mm, offering a compact and comfortable size on the wrist.

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