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Crossed Axes Wooden Wall Hanging

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  • Axes are 19 inches long
  • Total weight is 1 kg Approx
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Ships unassembled for customization
  • Handmade in Pakistan
  • Free shipping across the country

Also known as “Wooden Axe Set for Wall hanging” also “Hand Carved Axes”

  • Handcrafted wooden wall hanging featuring crossed axes and daggers
  • Intricately carved solid wood construction, treated for durability
  • Axes are 19 inches long, 1.056 kg total weight
  • Includes mounting hardware, ships unassembled for customization
  • Handmade in Pakistan with free shipping across the country

This hand-carved wall hanging features a striking design of crossed axes and daggers. Handcrafted from durable Solid wood and embellished with intricate details, it’s a statement piece that adds artistry and sophistication to your space.

Hand Carved Solid wood: Skilled artisans hand carve each piece from Solid wood, prized for its distinctive grain. Solid wood gives the wall hanging a rich, polished look, while hand carving produces a unique, heirloom-quality item.

Intricate Detailing: The axes and daggers are adorned with carved geometric and botanical motifs. Carving on the shield-shaped base and blade edges provides visual depth and texture.

Prominent Display: With 20-inch axes and an overall weight of 1.056 kg, this wall hanging makes an eye-catching display. It comes with mounting hardware for easy hanging.

Customizable Placement: The wall hanging ships unassembled, so you can arrange the pieces as desired. Depending on your style preference, axes and daggers can be placed close together or spread further apart.

Made in Pakistan: This cultural work of art is handcrafted in Pakistan using time-honoured woodworking techniques. Each purchase supports local artisans and handicrafts.

A bold combination of form and function, the Hand Carved Crossed Axes Wooden Wall Hanging brings handcrafted artistry and rich cultural style to your space. Its Solid wood material and carved details make it an heirloom-quality piece you’ll treasure for years to come.

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