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Double Sided Rug / Darri Carpet 3×5


  • Measurements: Length: 5ft Width: 3ft
  • Material: Polyester and Cotton
  • Color and pattern options available
  • Soft and cozy feel underfoot
  • Spot clean by washing or vacuuming
  • See More Details Below

Also known as “Dhurrie Rug” also ” Dari” also “Durri” also “Traditional Rugs”

We’re excited to show you our brand new collection of blended polyester and Cotton Darri Carpets. These rugs are the perfect combination of durability and comfort, providing you with a beautiful and practical addition to any space in your home.

These rugs, made from a combination of polyester and cotton, have the greatest qualities of both materials. The polyester makes the rug more durable so it can handle regular foot traffic, while the cotton makes it more comfortable to walk on.

These carpets are the perfect size for many rooms in your house, measuring 3 feet by 5 feet. Our polyester and cotton blended carpets are suitable for use anywhere in your home, from the foyer to the living room to the bedroom.

You can pick a rug that fits your taste and enhances your interior design from the many different color and pattern options available. You can go with solid neutrals for a timeless and simple feel, bright colors to create a statement, or patterns to spice things up a bit.

These carpets are very low-maintenance. You can maintain them looking like new with the occasional spot cleaning, vacuuming or washing.

Rugs made from our blend of polyester and cotton will do wonders for your home’s aesthetic. Now is the moment to place an order for the rug that will turn your house into a cozy haven.


Ancient Black, Ancient Maroon, Geomatric Amaranth, Geomatric Black, Geomatric Castleton, Geomatric Multi

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