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Hand Carved Cylindrical Wooden Accessory Jar

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  • Handcrafted solid wood jar
  • Hand-carved geometric and floral designs
  • Treated with surface hardeners for durability
  • 150 grams, 4 inches tall with 2.5 inches diameter
  • Holds pens, pencils, or small accessories
  • Handmade in Pakistan with traditional woodworking techniques
  • Comes with Funparey’s safe order guarantee

Hand Carved Wooden Cylindrical Pen or Accessory Jar

This Hand Carved Cylindrical Wooden Accessory Jar adds rustic style to your desk or tabletop. The pot is handmade in Pakistan from solid wood. It has geometric and floral hand carvings and a cylindrical shape for holding pens, pencils, or small accessories.

Hand Carved Wood: The jar is handcrafted from solid wood, hand carved with decorative details. Wood provides a natural, artisanal feel, while the hand carvings make each piece unique.

Geometric and Floral Design: The outside of the jar is decorated with intricate geometric patterns, floral motifs, and other hand-carved accents. The carvings wrap around the entire jar for a stunning decorative effect.

Multipurpose Use: Though decorative, the wood jar is also perfectly functional for holding and organizing items on your desk, like pens, pencils, makeup brushes, or trinkets. Its simple cylindrical shape with carved accents complements any decor.

Durable and Long-Lasting: The wood jar has been treated with surface hardeners to prevent damage and increase longevity. With proper care, it will last for many years as a decorative heirloom piece.

Handmade in Pakistan: This cultural work of art is handcrafted in Pakistan using traditional woodworking techniques. Each purchase supports local artisans and handicrafts.

A handmade treasure that blends decorative style and function, the Hand Carved Wooden Pen or Accessory Jar brings rustic elegance to your space. Its cultural craftsmanship and carved details make it a gift that future generations will appreciate.


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