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Hand Crafted Islamic Car Hanging

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  • Length of the Hanging: 16 inches
  • Variety of designs are available
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Also Known as “Car Mirror Hanging” also “Handmade Islamic Car Hangings”

  • Handmade decorative car hanging
  • Made of wood, fabric, and string in Pakistan
  • Multicolour Islamic-themed design, 16 inches in length
  • Unique, handcrafted piece with deep cultural symbolism
  • Easily attaches to rearview mirror or other spots in your car
  • Promotes travel safety, luck, and spiritual connection
  • Meaningful gift for loved ones

This handcrafted Islamic car hanging beautifully decorates your vehicle while reminding you of your faith. Made in Pakistan using wood, fabric, and string, it features a colorful Islamic-inspired design and attaches easily to your rearview mirror or other spots in the car.

Handmade in Pakistan: Skilled artisans handcraft each car hanging using traditional techniques—handmade craftsmanship results in a unique, high-quality piece. Your purchase supports local artisans and cultural handicrafts.

Islamic-Themed Design: The car hanging incorporates geometric patterns, Arabic calligraphy, and other Islamic art motifs. Its design has deep cultural and religious symbolism, allowing you to express your Muslim identity.

Promotes Travel Safety and Luck: The presence of the car hanging is said to promote safety, luck, and spiritual connection during travel. It makes a thoughtful gift for friends or family members.

Multi-Use: At 16 inches long, the car hanging attaches securely to rearview mirrors as well as other spots in your vehicle like grab handles or seat headrests. It adds a decorative accent wherever it’s placed.

Elegant and Spiritual: This cultural adornment elegantly decorates your car while constantly reminding you of your Islamic faith and values. Its intricacy and symbolism give it a peaceful, spiritual feel.

A meaningful fusion of faith and style, the Hand Crafted Islamic Car Hanging allows you to display your cultural and religious identity on the road proudly. Its handcrafted details and deep symbolism make it an heirloom-quality piece you’ll cherish for years.


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