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Handmade Wooden Wall Clock Loh-e-Quran 22″

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  • The hand carved wooden Loh e Quran wall clock has the length of around 22 inches.
  • The time piece on the wall clock has a glass protection and batteries can be changed easily from the back.
  • This wall clock has been tested, however batteries are not provided within the package.
  • Premium wood has been used in the making of this item.
  • The product comes with Funparey safe order guarantee.
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Also Known as “22 inch Islamic Wall Hanging Loh-e-Quran”

This Product introduces our hand-crafted Loh-e-Qurani hardwood wall clock with a round face measuring 22 inches. Utilizing Islamic design features has created a gorgeous wall clock that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
This clock is a one-of-a-kind creation that our skilled artisans painstakingly constructed from the finest wood available. The clock’s main point is the Loh-e-Qurani, portraying a chapter or words from the Quran, featuring excellent engraving. This Loh-e-Qurani imparts a spiritual dimension to the watch, enhancing its meaning and always calling our attention back to the word sent down from on high.
The clock’s size and shape make it a focal point that people can see from a considerable distance, and its classic appeal ensures that it looks excellent with any design scheme you choose to implement. The wooden case and the Arabic numerals achieve the ideal harmony between the modern and the traditional, giving it an antique appearance.
This clock does more than tell time; it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the room it is placed. You can hang it up in the living room, bedroom, or office to give off an air of refined serenity wherever it is displayed.
Consider purchasing a Handmade Wooden Wall Clock with Loh-e-Qurani for yourself, as well as for your loved ones, if you are looking for a present that is both unique and significant. It manifests your spirituality and faith and brings good fortune to you and those in your immediate environment.
Adorn your home with Islamic beauty while benefiting from the functionality of this stunning Handmade Wooden Wall Clock with Loh-e-Qurani. Invest in one right now to give your home or place of business an air of timelessly elegant sophistication.

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