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Islamic Calligraphy Oil Painting “Tasbeeh” 48×36

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  • This is a handmade paint brush calligraphy painting from oil paints on a 48×36 inch Fabric Canvas.
  • The Islamic calligraphy on the colorful abstract is of The Tasbeeh (Arabic: تسبیح, ʾTasbeeh).
  • Oil paints have been used in this painting, hence the painting is easy to wipe and clean.
  • This painting is without Frame, The canvas has wooden stretcher bars for support.
  • The Handicraft of Pakistan comes with Funparey safe order guarantee.
  • Get FREE Shipment all over Pakistan when you purchase this Handicraft of Pakistan from Funparey.

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Handmade Islamic Calligraphy Oil Painting

  • Original hand-painted oil painting on canvas 
  • Features Islamic calligraphy of Tasbeeh
  • Canvas size 48 inches by 36 inches
  • Abstract colorful background with calligraphy in black
  • Painted using oil paints for a glossy finish that wipes clean
  • Canvas stretched on a wooden frame for support
  • Handmade in Pakistan with free shipping across the country
  • Comes with Funparey’s safe order guarantee

This stunning oil painting showcases intricate Islamic calligraphy against a colorful abstract background. Hand-painted in Pakistan on canvas, it incorporates traditional art forms and spiritual symbolism into a contemporary work of art.

Handmade and Hand-Painted: Skilled artisans hand-paint each oil painting using high-quality oil paints and traditional techniques. Handmade details make each piece a unique work of art. Your purchase supports local artisans and cultural handicrafts.

Islamic Calligraphy: The centerpiece of the painting is calligraphy of the word “Tasbeeh,” referring to a set of prayer beads used for meditation and remembrance of Allah. The calligraphy has deep religious significance and symbolism.

Vibrant Colors: A colorful abstract wash provides the background for the calligraphy. Hues of red, orange, blue, and green give the painting a lively, contemporary feel. The oil paints have a glossy sheen.

Canvas Support: The 48×36-inch canvas is stretched on a wooden frame for support and display. Without a traditional picture frame, the canvas edges are visible.

Decorative or Spiritual: This cultural work of art serves as a decorative accent with spiritual meaning. Its masterful blend of color, line, and religious tradition makes it peaceful yet striking.

A skillful fusion of modern art and Islamic craft, this handmade oil painting incorporates tradition, faith, and beauty. Its large size and vivid colors make a stunning statement, while its spiritual symbolism gives it profound meaning. A unique heirloom to pass down for generations.

Funparey Paintings are made by independent artists who are not employed by Funparey. We display these paintings on our store to encourage artists to showcase their art pieces, especially calligraphy paintings on Canvas. Proceeds from the paintings sold are given to the artists while Funparey keeps a small commission (Preconsented) for its Service, Packaging and Delivery.

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